Somerset Netball Constitution


The association shall be called Somerset County Association herein after called Somerset Netball or SN.

The County Association shall be affiliated to the All England Netball Association herein after called England Netball or called EN and also affiliated to the Netball South West or called NSW.

Co-operate with the England Netball and the Region to promote and encourage the game of netball
Organise events and competitions, arrange courses for players, coaches and officials.
Provide advice for members.
Represent the County in Regional matters.
Employ the funds of the County Association as shall be deemed to be in the best interests of the game and its members.
Adopt the rules and regulations as laid down by England Netball.
Co-ordinate activities arrange plan training courses and to develop the growth of netball in Somerset.

The members of SN shall comprise of:

Registered participants – a register participant is a person who plays, coaches, umpires or organises netball or is anyway connected with netball who is affiliated to England Netball though a club or directly through SN
Clubs who are affiliated to England Netball through the County
Schools who are affiliated to England Netball through to the County
Executive Committee
Honorary Life Members

All members shall be bound by this constitution and any other rulings of the County Association and the current rules of the game.

The scale and rate of County subscription (affiliation fee) will be fixed and agreed annually at the A.G.M..

Executive Officers
The officers of SN shall be as follows:
Honorary Life Members
The Executive Officers
County Secretary
County Treasurer
Fixtures Secretary
Umpiring Secretary

The Executive committee
There shall be an executive committee comprising of the following:
The Executive Officers.
Excel Representative.
Publicity Officer
Junior League Officer
Coaching Secretary.
Five other members (as elected at the AGM) .
One representative from each club to attend SN County Executive Meetings.
The Executive Committee shall meet not less than 4 times a year.
7 members shall form a quorum
Clubs not sending a representative to SN Executive meeting will be fined according to SN League Rules
The Executive committee shall have the power to co-opt and replace any officer resigning during the year.
 Membership of the executive Committee shall automatically lapse if a members fails to attend 2 consecutive meetings without reasonable excuse or apology (vote will be lost in this case)
Members of the Executive Committee shall be entitled to send a substitute to any Executive meeting, if they are unable to attend themselves, (vote will be lost in this case.)

Sub Committees
The Executive Officers shall manage the affairs of SN on behalf of the members through Sub Committees.
The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint any Working Group it deems necessary.
Each subcommittee shall be led by the relevant Executive Officer who will act as lead:
Umpiring Secretary – Umpiring Sub Committee
Fixtures Secretary – Fixtures Sub Committee
Junior League – Junior Sub Committee
Schools Secretary – Schools Sub Committee

Rules of Play
Rules governing play shall be the current rules of England Netball

Clubs and individual members may be affiliated on payment of a fee decided upon at the A.G.M.
The financial year for SN shall end on 31stMarch. The accounts shall be audited and presented at the A.G.M.
Reasonable expenses should be paid, where ever possible for any duty undertaken for the S.N. Executive Committee.

General Meeting
The A.G.M shall be held prior to the NSW A.G.M.
Any proposed amendments or alterations to the Constitution must be sent in writing to the County Secretary 28 days prior to the meeting.
14 days’ notice of the meeting must be sent to all members stating the matters to be discussed.
Any proposals to the A.G.M. must be presented at the final executive committee prior to the A.G.M. Or within a maximum of 14 days’ notice after this meeting.

Extraordinary General Meeting (E.G.M.)
Maybe called by the Executive Committee. 
This meeting must be called within 21days of receipt of request, and 10 of the meeting given to all members stating the reason of the E.G.M.

Voting at the A.G.M. and E.G.M.
The President
The Honorary Life Members
Each Officer
Each affiliated team
Any school which has paid the agreed subscription
Any individual member who has paid the agreed fee.
Each affiliated team must be represented at the A.G.M or E.G.M. Any team not attending a General meeting will be fined £10
No business shall be transacted at an A.G.M. or E.G.M. other than that specified on the agenda.

Alterations to the Constitution or Rule
Constitution may only be amended at the A.G.M. or E.G.M.
Rules maybe changed at an Executive Committee meeting.  A simple majority would be required to pass any alteration. The Chairman of the meeting will have the casting vote if necessary.

Any Honorary Officer, Executive Officer or any members of the Executive Committee shall be indemnified by SN against all costs and losses which he/she may occur or sustain in relation to the execution of the duties of his/her office, or by reason of any duty performed for or with the authority of the executive committee.

Disciplinary, Powers, Procedures and Appeal
The Executive Committee shall have the power to discipline in such a manner that they see fit, but subject to paragraph 12 (b), a member or constituent of the County Association who has been guilty of conduct considered by the Executive Committee to be disgraceful or prejudicial to the interests of the Association of the game of netball or in breach of the memorandum, articles and bylaws of the England Netball association and/or the Constitution of the Netball South West. The power to discipline shall include the power to recommend to the Regional Management Board and/or England Netball Association’s National Executive to suspend or remove a member from membership of EN. On receipt or notification of the facts or circumstances that the member or constituent of the Association may have been guilty of such conduct, the Executive Committee shall have the power to:

(a) Make such terms of reference and regulations as it considers necessary for the conduct and proceedings of such Disciplinary Committee.

(b) A member or constituent of the Association who has been the subject of disciplinary action by the Executive Committee has the right of appeal to an Appeal Committee consisting of Executive Officers of the Association who have not served on the Disciplinary Committee concerned with the subject of the appeal and who agreed to serve on an Appeal Committee. Such an Appeal Committee may affirm, vary or rescind any action decided by the Executive Committee and substitute therefore any other decision as its absolute discretion considers appropriate.

(c) The Executive Committee may appoint or constitute a Disciplinary Committee and/or an Appeal Committee jointly with the Executive Committee of another County Association in circumstances which involve members or constituents of both associations.

Procedure for Complaints, Grievances and Discipline
Any club, team or individual with a legitimate complaint concerning the interpretation of any of the County Constitution or rules should:

(a) Contact in writing the County Secretary and the appropriate sub Committee

(b) The County Secretary and the person receiving any such complaint shall report any action taken or recommendation by them and their sub committee to an Executive Meeting and inform the person, team club concerned of such action.

(c) Only the Executive Committee can approve any recommendation.

(d) If the complaint has not received a reply within 10 days or feels the recommended action by the Sub Committee is not satisfactory, they should contact the County Secretary who will bring the matter to the Executive Committee.

Serious Complaints
Any serious complaint that a person, team or club wishes to bring to the Executive Committee shall be made in writing to the Chairman with copies going to the County Secretary and the Sub Committee’s Secretaries. On receiving such a complaint the Chairman or Secretary must call a meeting of the Executive Officers who can:

(a) Take any action they wish including suspension of a person, team or club until a decision is reached at an Executive Committee meeting.

(b) If the complaint concerns another individual or club they must inform that person, team or club of the detail of the complaint to allow them to respond.

(c) Recall the Executive Officers, if necessary, for a meeting with those involved.

(d) Report to the Executive Committee or call a special Executive Meeting before any final decision is made. Once a decision is made the only right of appeal will be to the NSW or EN

In the event of dissolution, any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be dealt with in a manner to be determined by the resolution of a general meeting so as to promote the objectives of Somerset Netball or of some other organisation with kindred aims.  In the event of there being a deficit, the general meeting shall decide how it should be met.

Failure to Pay or Return property
Any person, team, club who receives a trophy or property belonging to the Somerset Netball is responsible for its safekeeping and ensuring it is returned in good condition by the agreed dates (see rules).Failure to do so may result in that person, team or club paying for a replacement or repair.

A fee of £5 may be imposed in addition to any value for replacement or repair.  It is the responsibility of the person, team, or club to make sure that trophies are insured during the time they are in their possession.

Any person, team or club who fails to pay fees imposed on them by the Somerset Netball or under the Constitution and/or rules of the Association, or failing to return property belonging to the Association, or failing to pay subscriptions that may be due, may, at the discretion of the Executive Committee be suspended from taking part in any further netball activity arranged by the Somerset Netball until such times as the money is paid or the property returned or as the Executive Committee decide otherwise.