1            League Rules

1.1          All Players must be affiliated to the England Netball (EN).

1.2          All Players must be registered with Somerset County Netball League (SCNL).

1.3          All Divisions shall consist of a maximum of 12 teams and a minimum of 10 teams except when there are either 39 or 49 teams in total when the bottom division will consist of 9 teams. When possible all divisions will consist of an equal number of teams but when this is not possible the lowest or lower divisions shall have the fewer teams.

1.4          All matches shall be of one hour, divided into four quarters of fifteen minutes each, with an interval of three (3) minutes between the first and second, and third and fourth quarters, and a five (5) minute interval at half time, unless decided otherwise by the Executive Committee of Somerset County Netball Association (SCNA).

1.5          Promotion and Relegation shall be as follows: 
















Promotion and Relegation will be adjusted by the Executive Committee of SCNA according to the circumstances caused by team(s) withdrawing from the League.  Refer also to Rule 1.25.

1.6          Should a team withdraw from the SCNL all points and goals gained from matches already played will be totally discounted.

1.7          A Fixtures subcommittee will prepare a Proposed Fixture List for the season and forward to all Clubs at the CountyAGM in June.  Fixtures can be amended with the agreement of both Clubs and changes should be notified to the County Fixtures Secretary in writing by 24th August.

1.8          A final Fixture list will be issued by the first Saturday in September.

1.9          All matches shall be played as arranged between the clubs.  Following publication of the final list no matches may be altered, re-arranged or cancelled except in the following circumstances:

a)    For Severe inclement weather i.e. – snow or ice.  Consideration must also be given to court and travelling conditions.

b)    If more than one player is playing/umpiring/coaching/selecting in International or Regional matches.

c)    If more than one player is being tested for umpiring/coaching or attending official courses

d)    If a club is arranging a visit to an International match.

e)    A fixture can be re-arranged to be played a maximum of seven days either side of the scheduled date provided that both teams agree to the change and it is not played after the scheduled last day of the season.

f)     A league fixture between two teams from the same club can be re-arranged to be played within one month either side of the scheduled date provided both teams agree to the change and that it is not played after the scheduled last day of the season.

g)    For unforeseen circumstances

All cancellations shall be referred to the Fixtures Sub Committee for a final decision.

Any team cancelling a match other than for the above circumstance shall forfeit the points.   5 points will be awarded to the non-offending team, and the offending team will incur a deduction of 2 points and a fine to be determined by the Executive Committee (on recommendation of the Fixture Sub Committee) – Minimum fine will be £20.

However, if a club cannot field a correctly categorised team, and discusses with Fixtures Sub Committee prior to an arranged fixture, the game may be played as a friendly fixture without a fine or points deduction.  5 points will be awarded to the non-offending team, and No points to the offending team regardless of the result.

1.10       Scorecards will be supplied to clubs at the beginning of the season.  These must be completed appropriately by the teams and sent to the County Fixtures Secretary within 7 days of the match being played.  If not received a £10 fine will be imposed.

1.11       The closing date for entries to the SCNL shall be the AGM – although in exceptional circumstance additional teams may be included after this date.

1.12       All matches must be played on courts in accordance with EN/HSE rules with adequate surrounds and adequate lighting if played after dark.  If any club is dissatisfied with any of the above conditions they should report the matter in writing to the Umpiring Secretary who on receipt of such a complaint will advise the Umpiring Sub Committee and if necessary the Executive Committee of SCNA.

1.13       A team whose opponents are not ready to start within 15 minutes of the agreed start time may, if they wish, postpone the match.  If this is the case a report should be forwarded to the County Fixtures Secretary for discussion by the Fixtures Sub Committee before a recommendation is made to the Executive Committee of SCNA.

1.14       Club colours must be registered with the County Fixtures Secretary.  Any changes to colours of kit must be approved by the County Fixtures Secretary.

1.15       Trophies will be awarded as detailed in Rule 4.

1.16       EN has no objection to Clubs from other counties entering SCNL providing the home county has no objections.

1.17       League points will be awarded as follows:



5 points


3 points

Loss, by less than 5 goals

2 points

Loss but more than half of winning teams goals

1 point


If any teams tie for the league/division championship, the trophy will be shared and will be held by the clubs for equal periods.  The last club to hold the trophy will be responsible for returning it before the Presentation Evening.  Goal average will only be considered to determine promotion or relegation as follows:

Where two or more teams are level on points for the purposes of promotion or relegation the placing’s will be decided as follows

1)    If any of the team’s level on points has forfeited one or more league matches during the season then the team which has forfeited the greater number of matches shall be placed the lower

2)    If teams are still level goal average shall be used to determine their relative positions, i.e. the team with the higher goal average over the course of the season shall be placed the higher.

3)    In the event that goal average does not differentiate between the teams, then goal difference shall be applied, i.e. the team with the greater difference between goals scored and goals conceded shall be placed the higher.

4)    In the event that neither goal average nor goal difference can differentiate between the teams, the aggregate score in the matches played between the teams over the course of the season shall be calculated and precedence given to the winning team

5)    In the event that none of the above differentiates between the teams, the Somerset League Executive Committee shall determine the means of differentiation.

N.B. Where one of the teams level on points has had a match or matches cancelled and therefore no goals have been scored or conceded then the goals from the corresponding fixture of the other team(s) level on points shall be omitted from the goal average and goals scored calculations.

1.18       Rule 1.1 states that all players must be affiliated to EN and Rule 1.2 states that all players must be registered with SCNL.  Both must be done before a player can play a match.  Players should be categorised by their clubs as follows:

Any team breaking Rule 1.1 and 1.18 above will incur a penalty of 3 points and a fine (minimum £20), but the result of the game and points awarded will stand.
















a)    Non playing umpires, coaches and other officials should be registered in the lowest category for their club.

b)    There should be a minimum of 7 players in each category (team).  This minimum number must be maintained throughout the season.

c)    A player cannot miss more than 3 matches in the selected category or above, before she has to be replaced.

d)    A player who becomes pregnant will not be able to play beyond twelve (12) weeks into her pregnancy.  She will have to be re-categorised into the lowest category and replaced.

e)    If a player is re-categorised to a higher/lower (other than the lowest) category, she must start the next match in that team.

f)     Players in a lower category may play unlimited matches in a higher category.

g)    There shall be no re-categorisation or registration of new players after March 24th, unless agreed by the County Fixtures Secretary and three members of the Fixture Sub Committee.

h)    Regional teams should categorise their first 7 players, per team, as R players 

Any bench players should be categorised as RA.  These details must be forwarded   to Fixture Sub Committee Secretary so she can monitor the Somerset league matches.  An RA player can play in a Somerset league fixture but only in their club’s first team in the Somerset league. Any player coming back from injury, who is no longer registered as an R or RA player, will be treated in the same way as any player already registered to the Somerset league.  Teams can re- categorise players at any time

Any team breaking rule 1.18 by playing a player in a category below their category, or fails to re-categorise a player prior to missing 4 consecutive matches (including cup matches), will incur a penalty of 2 points and a fine (Minimum £20), but the result of the game and points awarded, will stand.

However, the Executive Committee has the power to impose whatever penalty it deems appropriate, especially if it feels a club or team is deliberately flouting the rules to gain an advantage.

1.19       Any player wishing to change clubs may do so once the County Fixtures Secretary has received written details from the two clubs concerned.  This player may not play in the KO cup or associated competitions if she played in the KO Cup for that season for her original club.

1.20       A Player cannot play for more than one club within SCNL, but can play for a separate Somerset club in the SWRL (South West Regional League).  A player would be eligible to play for a Somerset club if she is registered with a club in another County.  Her affiliation to EN would be recorded accordingly (first or second claim player).  It will be up to the Somerset Club to check that the player’s original registration with EN has been accepted and recorded.

1.21       The County Fixtures Secretary will carry out weekly checks of result cards to ensure that the category rules are not being broken.  If there are any teams that think their opposition are abusing the registration rules, they should report this to the County Fixture Secretary in writing who will then investigate and report to the Executive Committee of SCNA.  If the complaint is upheld a fine may be levied in addition to the forfeiture of points as detailed in 1.22.

1.22       Any team breaking rule 1.19 – 1.21 will automatically forfeit the match concerned and any points gained from that match.  The points will be awarded to the opposition.  In addition the offending team will have 2 points deducted.  In addition a fine may be levied by the Executive Committee of SCNA on a sliding scale.

1.23       All clubs must keep a register of matches played by each player.

1.24       Any club/team failing to pay a fine/fines will not be allowed to enter any events the following season until these have been paid.

1.25       Promotion/Relegation to/from Regional League.

a)         The top team in the Premier Division will be eligible for promotion to the Netball South West Regional League, and will contest a playoff with the winners of other County Leagues in accordance with the rules laid down by

CEWG (Competitions and Events Working Group).  In the event that the winners of the Premier League are not eligible, or do not wish to contest for the promotion, the second placed team will be eligible.

b)         Any Somerset team relegated from the Netball South West Regional League will automatically be placed in the Somerset Premier League.

c)         Dependant on the movement of teams in a) or b) above, promotion and relegation within Somerset League Divisions will be amended as necessary over Rule 1.5.




1.1          Only members of the EN may serve on the Umpiring Sub Committee.


1.2          The Umpiring Secretary shall be a full member of the County Executive Committee.


3.3       The Umpiring Sub Committee shall; ­

a)         Administer the schemes for Umpiring Awards. See that teams are present for the use of examinees, that a court is booked and all equipment is provided (See EN Handbook “Umpiring Awards”.)

b)         Be responsible for arranging umpiring courses and beginner and C award tests.

c)         Provide Umpires as required by the Executive Committee

d)         Make nominations for the Registration of Testers

e)         Deal with any matter referred from the County Executive ie courts


3.4       All resolutions decided upon by the Umpiring Sub Committee can only serve as recommendations to the Executive. No action may be taken until approval is received from the Executive


3.5       The Umpiring Sub Committee shall hold at least four meetings during their year of office


3.6       All persons umpiring Somerset League and Cup competitions must be registered with EN.

3.7       Umpiring Grades required for all matches within Somerset League and Cup competitions are as follows ;­


Premier/First Division – A, B award and C award with Premier allowance


2ndDivision and below – as above in addition C award and Beginners award with allowances


3rdDivision or below – as above plus Beginners award

3.8       For C award Umpires a Premier Cup Knock Out match will be included in their match allocation. Teams playing in the KO cup must provide an umpire who is qualified to the level of the highest team in their match.

3.9       All C umpires may umpire only their allocated number of Premier Division matches see 3.12,

3.10     Any team not providing the correctly qualified Umpire will forfeit the match. Teams who use an umpire who is not suitably qualified OR who fails to provide proof of qualification and affiliation to EN will incur a penalty of 2 points in addition to the loss of points from the fixture

3.11     All results cards shall be signed by Umpires as well as Captains. Thhe Umpires surname and qualification should be also be printed.

3.12     Match Allocation


i.        Twice during each season (September and January) the Umpiring Sub Committee will allocate a specified number of Premier/ lst Division matches to a C award Umpire who is actively working towards their B award umpire qualification. Allocations can also be granted for RL3 fixtures subject to approval from the County Umpiring Secretary, and permission sought and granted in advance by the CEWG. (Competition & Events Working Group)

ii.        Further allocations may be made at the discretion of the Umpiring Sub Committee according to the applications received during the season.

iii.        No C award Umpire will be given allocations until the beginning of their first full season as a C award umpire i.e. the season after they pass not during the season in which they gained their award. Unless they have been identified as an umpire to be fast tracked by a course tutor or umpiring assessor.

iv.        Allowances for any Beginner or C award umpire will be given at the discretion of the umpiring subcommittee for two consecutive seasons, excluding the season that they passed.  Should an umpire be unavailable for two consecutive seasons due to injury or pregnancy, their case will be referred to the Umpiring Sub Committee to review.  Each case will be looked at individually and judged on its own merits.After a maximum of 2successive seasons of Premier/ First Division allowances a C award umpire will be required to enter and take the B award.

v.        Should a C award umpire notenter and take the B award after 2 successive seasons of allocations, they will be given no further allocations.

vi.        Any C umpire who wants allocations must contact the Umpiring Secretary.  Allocations will only be given for the following reasons:

a)    Where an umpire has attended a B Course

b)    Where an umpire has passed the Europe ‘A’ and ‘B’ Award Umpiring written paper assessment

c)    Where an umpire has applied to take their B test

d)    Where an umpire has been assessed by a B award Assessor. (EN ruling)

e)    Where an umpire has attained the appropriate fitness level MSFT 5.1 which must be signed off by a Level 2 coach

f)     Where an umpire has been identified by their course tutor or umpiring assessor


vii.        Any Beginner award umpire who wants allocations must contact the Umpiring Secretary. Allocations are only given for the following reasons:

a)    Where an umpire has attended a C course

b)    Where an umpire has applied to take their C test.

c)    Where the umpire has attained the appropriate fitness level MSFT 4.1 which must be signed off by a level 2 coach.

d)    Where an umpire has been identified by their course tutor or umpiring assessor


3.13     At the beginning of each season a list of active umpires will be provided by clubs. A list of Umpires together with qualifications will be published in the Handbook and if possible all Allocations should be also published.


3.14     Health and Pregnancy.


England Netball recommends that individuals (player, coach, umpire) if pregnant should only participate with approval from their doctor and not participate beyond the 12th week of pregnancy. Neither England Netball, nor the club will be held liable for any pregnant individual participating in recognised and authorised activity should the expectant mother suffer a miscarriage, permanent damage to herself and/or unborn child as a result of participating.


The England Netball Personal Accident cover will not provide any benefit for injury, loss or expense due to pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage or any consequence thereof.




3.15     Ill or injured umpires during the course of a match


For Tournaments – It is the responsibility of the Tournament organisers to ensure that a reserve Umpire is in attendance


For Leagues­:


a) If an umpire is ill or injured and unable to finish the game, their position can be substituted by a relevant qualified umpire, which can be an on court player.  No on court player must be forced to umpire.  Any change must be agreed by both teams.

b) Where there is no suitably qualified umpire present the umpire after consulting with the team captains, should abandon the game and the matter referred to both the Umpiring and Fixtures Sub Committee

c) Where matches are at a central venue a reserve umpire should be present.

3.16     Health & Safety

It is the Umpire’s responsibility regarding the general Health & Safety of the players and the court surroundings.  If both umpires agree that the welfare of the players is in danger, then the match will be abandoned and the details referred to the Umpiring Sub Committee.


3.17     Discipline

Refer to IFNA Official netball Rules Section V Page 68

3.18     The same two umpires must start and finish a match unless changed under Rule 3.15 or unless agreed by both teams and umpires before the start of a match

3.19      Knock out cup

Neutral umpires will be allocated by the umpiring subcommittee for the semifinal and final stages of the knock out cup

3.20    Complaints procedure

Complaints against an umpire must be submitted in writing on the approved form to the County umpiring secretary within 48 hours of the match.

The complainant MUST advise the opposing captain directly after the match that a complaint is to be made and a copy of the complaint sent to the opposing club. Any complaint must refer to persistent inconsistencies, not isolated incidents, unless of an exceptional nature.


Complaints will be investigated by the umpiring subcommittee and recommendations sent to the Somerset netball executive committee.